Received a bouquet of 12 roses from Darling. He never fails to make me happy by wasting money.¬† But I never get him anything in return. Guy is always at the losing end. ūüėõ

Preggie @ Week 30

Yeah, I think I should be in week 30 now.¬† Really lost count for this pregnancy.¬† I think it’s the second child syndrome and I feel so bad when I come to think of it.¬† I seldom talk to her, read to her, play music for her and connecting her with Daddy. Even, I started […]

2009 Christmas – Part I & Part II

Part I – Christmas celebration with Darling’s family (click on the photo below for more photos) ¬† Part II – Christmas celebration with my family¬†¬†(click on the photo below for more photos)

Ramblings of a FTWM

There gone¬†my 2 weeks of annual leave. Thinking of having to go back to work tomorrow really make me sick, but I can never get really sick enough to warrant for a medical leave. I wonder why some people could love their job or employer so much until they look forward to working the next […]