Signs of Terrible Two??

Remember me sharing about Jonathan throwing tantrums and his “suicidal” act?  Watch this… First, he got angry with me then he pretended to cry and next, he lied on the floor.  Sometimes I’ll just walk away and tell him that he’s not going to get what he wants if he behaves that way.  Recently, he refuses to […]

Caught in Action

Jonathan and I often spend time playing on the bed before bedtime. He loves to climb up and down the bed, crossing over my tummy and snuggling beside me. One night,  he pointed the bottle teat towards my mouth trying to force me to drink from his bottle.  Frankly, I’m not one mommy who is willing to eat her […]

The Mom Song – Simply the best

The song and the singer are wonderful. She is so talented.

I’m Back? Not Really…

Things in the office are not getting any better. Work are still pilling up and each day my boss surely have at least one urgent thing which requires my immediate attention. Set your priority right! How to when all other things on my plate are due on the same date, overdue and also URGENT. I just hate […]